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Development Partners

"I was so impressed with the work and dedication of the Molly's Network members when I met them at a training.  Thank you for the opportunity to get more applications into the community and share with these organizations.  I continue to be impressed with the work you do so well." - Anonymous Grants Coordinator at a Foreign Mission in Dar es Salaam

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Private Sector

"Finding organisations that are not already receiving large sums is difficult and also comes with a large risk factor.  

Molly's Network has enabled us [Sandvik Mining] to identify suitable partners and also helps us to mitigate any risk factors."

- Duncan Mcneill, Managing Director, Sandvik Mining (Tanzania)

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Local non-profit organisations

"We are very happy to work with you, we are seeing the difference as an Organisation as we work with you, thank you very much" - Mary Kabati, TAHEA Mwanza.

If you are a local organisation interested in joining our Network, please fill out our initial application form. 

We will respond to you within a month with the next steps.

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